Healthy Vending Options

Offering Healthy Options for your Vending Machines

Healthy Snacks Vending Seattle

VISTA VENDING has always offered a large variety of product options for our customers. As popular as the big brand best sellers are like candy bars, chips and cookies, there is an increasing demand for products that suit a more active healthier lifestyle.  We understand those needs and will continually make sure to provide a wide variety of healthy and nutritious products. We have an exceptional selection of healthy alternatives to choose from with reduced sugar, fat, cholesterol and sodium, including the ever-popular trail mix varieties, baked chips, organic fruit and granola bars.   Not only would we like to provide a convenience to our customers who missed breakfast or who need a quick pick me up in the afternoon, we would also like to give that customer the option of a nutritious and delicious snack.

Healthy Snacks for Schools

Vista Vending Machines located at local school districts are stocked with healthy products that meet 35-10-35 Standard. This is the most widespread nutritional guideline, and calls for products that are less than 35 percent fat, less than 10 percent saturated fat, and less than 35 percent total weight in sugar.  All food placed in the vending machines are of the highest quality.  Manufacturers’ freshness guidelines are strictly adhered to for all food, snack, candy and pastry items.  Regular rotation of items give our clients the best variety and selection.  Your input and requests are welcome on products sold in all vending equipment.