Micro Markets / Kiosk Markets for Your Business

Micro Markets for your Company!

Vista Vending has teamed with Company Kitchen to provide a vend-less micro-market break room.

Take a Better Break

Say goodbye to the break room doldrums and say hello to freshness, variety and convenience. A Company Kitchen micro-market is stocked with a broad selection of fresh, nutritious selections that sets a new standard for snacks and meals in the workplace. And best of all, Company Kitchen takes care of everything!  Fresh food deliveries, plenty of variety…it’s even possible for your CK Micro-Market to be a no cost proposition for companies that meet certain criteria.*

*Companies with at least 200 employees on site or that are able to meet sales volume minimums are eligible for Company Kitchen micro-market at no cost. Just provide the space, power and an internet connection – We do all the rest!

Healthy Micro Market Seattle