Rubi Micro Cafe – Premium Fresh Brewed Coffee on Demand


When you don’t have the time to service and you still want the very best cup of coffee available, the Rubi Micro Cafe is the perfect solution.

Why your staff will love The Rubi Micro Cafe

  • Grinds fresh coffee beans for every cup.
  • Grounds are steeped in a French press style brew chamber at exactly the right temperature and for exactly the right duration to reduce bitterness.
  • Reverse pressure technology filters you fresh cup of coffee perfectly from the grounds.

Why you’ll love the Rubi Micro Cafe

If you’re a coffee drinker, you’ll of course appreciate everything listed above, but we know you’ll love how easy Vista Vending and the Rubi Micro Cafe make the restocking and upkeep.

  • Remote sensors tell us exactly when you need a refill of beans. ¬†This means:
    • No ordering of supplies!
    • Less disruption .
    • Less Downtime
  • Rubi can be configured to accept cash or card forms of payment
  • Our service¬†integrates perfectly for subsidized and free coffee programs


Give us a call at: (253)592-2843 or contact us to get started.