Snack and Food Options

From potato chips to candy, healthy options and everything in between.  Vista Vending offers you the best selection in the Northwest when it comes to snack and food options.  Do you have a special request?  We’ll do what we can to earn your business and will consider working with other distributors.  Below you’ll see our current list of food and snack options.  Contact us here or give us a call at (253)592-2843


Snacks and Candy

Tgifriday’s cheddar bacon skins

Tim’s jalapeno chips

Tim’s sea salt & vinegar

Tim’s maui onion

Frito lay munchies

Gardetto’s snak-ens original

Rold gold tiny twists

Ruffles cheddar & sour cream

Snyder’s mini pretzels

Sun chips harvest cheddar

Sun chips French onion

Cheetos crunchy

Cheetos flaming’ hot limon

Dorito cool ranch

Dorito nacho cheese

Erin’s white cheddar popcorn

Frito brand regular

Fritos chili cheese


Lay’s bbq flavor

Lay’s cheddar & sour cream

Lay’s regular

Cheddar cheese goldfish

Cheez-its nacho cheese

Cheez-its white cheddar

Chex mix bold party

Chex mix traditional

Simply chex

Baked cheetos crunchy

Baked cheetos crunchy hot

Baked lay’s classics bbq flavor

Baked lay’s classics Cheddar sour cream

Baked lay’s potato crisps

Baked lay’s potato crisps bbq

Wheat thins

Ritz bitz cheese

Ritz chips sour cream & onion

Jack link’s original beef jerky

O’brien’s beef & cheddar sticks

O’brien’s double barrel salami

3 musketeers

Baby ruth

Big kit kat


Hershey milk chocolate

m&m milk chocolate

m&m peanuts

m&m peanut butter

Milky way original

Nestle’s crunch


Reese’s peanut butter cups

Reese’s pieces

Runts chewy

Skittle fruit

Skittles tropical

Skittles wildberry


Starburst original

Starburst fruit

Starburst tropical

Twix caramel

Famous amos– chocolate chip cookie

Fudge stripes mini

Grab bite’s vanilla cream

Grandma’s cookies

· Oatmeal raisin

· Peanut butter

· Chocolate chip

· Fudge chocolate

Knott’s berry boysenberry shortbread

Knott’s berry raspberry shortbread

Mini oreos

Mother’s frosted circus animal crackers

Ruger chocolate wafer

Ruger vanilla wafer

Austin peanut butter & cheese cracker

Austin zoo animals

Nutri-grain strawberry bar

Nature valley oat’n’dark chocolate

Low fat animal snackers

General mills granola bar

· Oat ‘n honey

· Strawberry yogurt

General mills sweet & salty bar

· Peanut

· Almond

Cornuts regular

Cornuts bbq

Bumble bee chicken salad with crackers

Bumble bee tuna salad kit

Bumble bee tuna salad with crackers

Act ii butter popcorn

Act ii butter lover’s popcorn

Act ii light butter popcorn

Kars original trail mix

Kars cashews

Kars nut n yogurt mix

Kars peanuts

Kars sunflower kernels

Kars sweet and salty mix

Kars apple nut yogurt

Kars sweet and spicy mix

Planter’s salted peanuts

Planter’s lightly salted peanuts

Elfin crackers bag

Honey maid graham sticks

Pop tarts 2 pk blueberry

Pop tarts 2 pk brown sugar & cinnamon

Pop tarts 2 pk chocolate chip

Pop tarts 2 pk strawberry

Rice krispies treats

Welch’s mixed fruit snack

Welch’s strawberry fruit snack

Juicy fruit (5 stick)

Lifesavers five flavors

Lifesavers pep-0-mint

Lifesavers spear-o-mint



Wrigley’s spearamint gum

Wrigley’s winterfresh gum (5 stick)

Big red gum

Doublemint gum (5 stick)

Deli & Frozen Food


Ham & Cheddar

Turkey & Cheddar

Ham & Swiss







Blueberry Muffins

Chocolate Muffins

Big Tex Cinnamon Roll

Chocolate Donuts

Powdered Donuts

Chocolate Cupcakes


Wedge Sandwiches

Ham & cheese

Turkey & Cheese

Landshire Bisquit Sausage Egg & Cheese

Hot Pocket

Ham & Cheese

Pepperoni Pizza

Chicken Melt

Sausage Egg & Cheese

Lean Pocket

Turkey, Ham & Cheese

BumbleBee Tuna Salad Kit

Jimmy Dean
Sausage & Bisquit Twin


Smoked Cheddar Sausage Roll

Big Az

Angus Charbroil with Cheese

Beef Charbroil with Cheese

Rack-o-Ribs BBQ Pork

Country Fried Chicken with Cheese

Spicy Chicken With Cheese

Hot Dog Bubba Twin Chili Cheese

El Monterey/El Ruiz

Burrito Beef & Bean

Burrito Beef & Bean, Green Chili

Burrito Beef & Bean Red Hot

Burrito Bean & Cheese

Burrito Shredded Beef & Cheese

Chimichanga Chicken & Cheese

Chimichanga Steak & Cheese

Red Baron Pizza


Deep Dish Minis Bacon, Egg & Cheese

Deep Dish Minis Pepperoni


Mega Pouch Ham & Cheese

Mega Pouch Pepperoni

Bacon, Egg & Cheese

White Castle Sandwich

Sausage, Egg & Cheese

Michelina Meals/

Pagoda Express

Chinese Food

Ice Cream

Blue Bunny Ice cream

Sandwich Big Bopper

Fudge Bar

Premium Homemade Vanilla Bar

Orange Dream Bar

Vanilla Crunch Bar

Sandwich Vanilla

Heath Bar

King Strawberry Shortcake

Sandwich Chips Galore

Sandwich Cookies & Cream

Premium Hot Fudge Bar

Champ Vanilla Cone

Sandwich Big Vanilla

Sandwich Mississippi Mud

Sandwich Big Neapolitan

Bunny Tracks

Double Strawberry

Super Cookie Dough

Super Fudge Brownie