Services that bring employees together

Reimagine the break room as a place for collaboration and inspiration fueled by quality refreshments.

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Micro-markets meet the demand for refreshments 24/7 as a self-checkout storefront for employees.

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Designer office coffee service

Create a Seattle, Tacoma, or Puget Sound coffeehouse on location with premium coffee beans and sophisticated equipment that delivers a true experience - no baristas required.

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Raise the bar on employee benefits with pantry service

Stock your company kitchen or break area with food, snacks, and drinks that employees are free to enjoy and watch retention soar.

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Cutting-edge vending machines filled with today’s most popular products.

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Deliver on taste and nutrition in the break room

Support employee wellness goals by bringing healthy refreshments into your Seattle, Tacoma, or Puget Sound company.

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Effortlessly order coffee, snacks, and beverages, and essential supplies using our user-friendly online ordering system. Perfect for corporate offices, hotel pantries, student stores, and organizations seeking convenience in restocking refreshments and supplies.


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