Healthy vending machines in Seattle, Tacoma & Puget Sound

Support employees

Ensure everyone has the better-for-you snack and drink options to achieve wellness goals.

Provide options

Choose from a broad selection of delicious and nutritious products from the latest brands.

Make it easy

The FitPick logo clearly identifies which products meet nationally recognized nutrition standards.

Showcase healthy in a hello goodness vending machine

Enjoy recognizable products that fit into a healthy lifestyle with a hello goodness vending machine.

Corporate wellness in Seattle, Tacoma & Puget Sound

Schools, hospitals, and federal buildings

Healthy vending machines are the ideal solution for locations with strict wellness guidelines. We have a wide variety of products perfect for Puget Sound schools, hospitals, and federal buildings. Get a machine full of better-for-you products that still taste great.

Healthy food optins in Seattle, Tacoma & Puget Sound

Wellness focused offices and workplaces

Support employee lifestyle goals with a healthy vending machine in the break room. Include well-labeled healthier items or get a machine full of healthy alternative products. Employees and customers will love the taste and option to eat healthier.

More nutritious selections than ever

Your Puget Sound employees and customers will love the variety and flavorful options of our healthy service.

Gain a healthier and happier workforce for your Puget Sound business with service from Vista Vending at 253.592.2843;

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