Office coffee products in Puget Sound

Prime choices

Customize your office coffee service with the best selection of national coffee brands and local roasters.

Fine tea lines

Create a tea bar full of high-quality options that will “wow” Seattle, Tacoma, or Puget Sound staff and customers.

Specialty drinks

Offer a coffeehouse experience in your Seattle, Tacoma, or Puget Sound break room with modern brewers and quality ingredients.

Coffee that maximizes sustainability

Choose coffee that supports coffee growing areas for your Seattle, Tacoma, or Puget Sound business, such as Fairtrade options. You’ll be ensuring good wages and positive community improvements with every cup. Also try our biodegradable products that can be composted instead of going to a landfill.

Largest Gavina coffee provider

Gavina is a family coffee business dating back to 1870. No matter where the Gavina family went they brought a love of delicious coffee, sources for high-quality beans, and a commitment to deliver the best coffee product. It has made Gavina one of the best gourmet coffee producers in America. Gavina’s coffee line includes origin coffee, espresso, dark, special roasts, blends, and decaffeinated.

One stop for all break room essentials

Great products and great brands equal great coffee breaks.

Great products and great brands equal great coffee breaks.

Wide variety of brand names

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