Office coffee service in Seattle, Tacoma & Puget Sound

Exclusive options

An authorized distributor of Gavina, we ensure our customers have access to these high-quality coffees and teas.

Seattle, Tacoma & Puget Sound office coffee service

Custom solutions

Office coffee service made just for your Seattle, Tacoma, or Puget Sound business, including type of coffee, brewing style, and tea options.

Office tea service in Seattle, Tacoma & Puget Sound

Superior brewers

Go high-end in your break room with bean-to-cup brewers and machines that make custom specialty drinks.

Seattle, Tacoma & Puget Sound office tea service

Fine teas for all

Bring a wide variety of high-caliber teas to your break room to meet the demands of today’s workers.

Sustainable coffee for
a sustainable world

We can ensure your coffee and tea offerings reflect your environmental goals.

Gavina is dedicated to sustainability. It supports green coffee farmers with pre-harvest loans, infrastructure for communities, and technical farming assistance. It is committed to smallholder farmers being stewards of their own land and taking care of it now and in the future. As a direct distributor of Gavina, we ensure your Seattle, Tacoma, or Puget Sound employees and customers have access to coffee and tea that they can feel good about. Plus, it tastes great.

Choose the right coffee solution for your office

We offer our Seattle, Tacoma, and Puget Sound customers nothing but the best coffee and systems to choose from.

Sustainable water service with filtration

Deliver better tasting water while being green with water filtration service. We place high-quality water filters on your existing water lines to remove impurities that ruin water’s taste. This ensures each drop is pristine and delicious, whether enjoyed plain or as the base for a hot or cold drink. Using filtration also removes the need to bottle, transport, store, and dispose of plastic bottles, saving valuable resources and lowering your carbon footprint.

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