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Fuel Up: Ways Vista Vending Can Support Your Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue Employee Wellness Journey

With the summer here, Vista Vending is focused on wellness. We have a lot to offer your employees in the break room that can help them meet and even beat health and wellness goals. Keep reading for the products and services you can add to energize your team in all the right ways.

Wellness Driving Foods

Fresh food is a wellness must. We can make it happen in your break room with a Seattle micro market. The cooler has lots of room for top-quality foods made fresh. Your staff will be able to grab a salad, veggie-filled wrap, seasonal fruit, and more. It’s a great way to get whole foods at lunch or for a snack.

Make the healthy items even more desirable with a subsidy. Pay to make the good-for-you options the cheaper ones. Employees will love it and be more likely to choose what’s nutritious. Or, push the benefit even more with office pantry service where all the snacks and food are free.

Micro markets aren’t the only way to bring in healthy food. Vending machines can be stocked with nutritious snacks too. Jerky, keto-friendly, and even vegan treats are popular in Tacoma vending service. Plus they are great for supporting well-being.

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Drinks to Support Health

It’s summer and with the heat, employees are at greater risk for dehydration. That’s why we offer a wide range of cold beverages perfect for replenishing the body. Check the Bellevue micro market for sports drinks, vitamin waters, fruit juices, bottled water, sparkling water, and milk options that replace electrolytes. Fortunately, many of these drink options can also be in cold beverage vending machines. Ask us about what’s right for your location.

How is your office water? Why do we ask? It’s because water is one of the healthiest drinks on earth. It’s all natural with no calories and boosts many bodily functions. That includes mood. So get your staff hyped to drink more water with a water filtration service from Vista Vending. It will remove unpleasant-tasting chemicals and particles that are dissolved in your water. What comes out of the tap, hot or cold, is delicious, pure-tasting water. This is perfect for office coffee service users too. Use filtered water in coffee brewers for a truer flavor to gourmet blends.

Wellness Partners in the Break Room

Take the hard work out of supporting employee well-being with Vista Vending. We have a mix of snacks, food, and drinks that will please your Seattle staff. This lets them choose healthier options while they work, which is a bonus for retention and productivity.

Get in touch with Vista Vending today for more information on our wellness programs. From fresh food markets to water filtering systems, we can make the break room a wellness perk. Call 253.592.2843 now to learn more.

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Craft the Perfect Office Pantry Menu for Your Seattle, Tacoma, or Bellevue Office

In busy workplaces, a robust office pantry filled with snacks, beverages, and healthy options is vital. Yet, it’s one of the break room services that often needs help. Say goodbye to boring snacks and dull drinks. Vista Vending is changing the game for Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue businesses with office pantry service. We bring fresh, diverse refreshments that drive employee satisfaction, transforming your break room into a hub of wellness and happiness.

Here’s what we consider when building the ultimate office pantry service for your workplace.

Office Pantry Building Blocks

The ideal Seattle office pantry meets several key criteria. It should offer a variety of grains, healthy fats, and protein, along with plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. The fresher the better. Above all, it needs to stand out beyond what a traditional vending machine offers to make it a true perk for your team.

Seattle Break Room Services | Bellevue Healthy Options | Tacoma Office Pantry

Whole Grains Galore

Whole-grain options are a must in break rooms. The fiber, protein, and vitamins in whole grains sustain energy and boost health. For a Tacoma office pantry, oatmeal is a great whole grain to offer. Many workers don’t eat breakfast in their rush to work, which can cause muddled thinking. Offering a breakfast staple, like oatmeal, in single-serve packets, beats the hangry haze. It’s a nutritious meal and filling snack option.

Light and crunchy, rice cakes are another whole grain favorite. They offer a satisfying crunch in sweet or savory flavors, without the high fat and calorie content. With a variety of rice cakes to choose from, it’s a great addition to an office pantry that employees can enjoy.

Don’t forget nuts! That’s right, nuts are a form of grain (seeds). They are packed with protein and healthy fats. Options like almonds, walnuts, and cashews are a great choice for a midday snack. This is why nuts are a must-have in your Bellevue office pantry selection.

Protein Powerhouses

We know it’s important to deliver some quality protein options. Meat dishes certainly fit the bill. Consider a rotation of meat dishes in your Seattle break room. We have delicious options, such as grilled chicken and turkey wraps.

For plant-based proteins, beans are a staple. Bean soups are warm, hearty, and delicious. It’s a great lunch that keeps your team feeling full.

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Fresh and Dried Fruits

Keep your staff feeling energized and refreshed with seasonal fruits. We can bring apples, oranges, and bananas into office pantries and Seattle micro-markets. It’s a great way to get vitamins into a diet.

Need fruit that’s easier to grab and go? Dried fruit is the answer. It’s a convenient and portable snack for your staff. Stock up on dried apricots, raisins, and cranberries. These gems provide sweetness without added sugars.

Easy Office Pantry Veggies

Fresh food meals like salads are a great way to get healthy options into the break room. Stocking them in your office pantry also encourages healthier eating. It’s pre-chopped and packaged, making it an easy meal or side dish. Each salad has a mix of colorful veggies and protein.

Veggie cups make it easy for employees to get their daily dose of vegetables. The veggies are washed, peeled, and ready to eat. We even pair them with hummus or yogurt-based dips. This makes them a great grab-and-go snack.

Enhance Your Office Pantry with Help From Vista Vending

Improving your office pantry with Vista Vending goes beyond just offering standard snacks and drinks. Let us help you build a healthier, fresher menu. Focus on whole grains, proteins, fruits, and vegetables. That will boost well-being and drive up the performance of your team.

Contact Vista Vending at 253.592.2843 for information about our office pantry service or other services such as micro-markets, vending, and office coffee.

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5 Reasons Your Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue Office Coffee Service Needs Specialty Coffee

Give your Seattle office coffee service a summer refresh with specialty brews. This update can make a big difference as employees love flavorful, high-quality coffee. It improves morale and keeps your staff energized and focused.

Want to learn more? Here are five reasons to add specialty coffee to your Tacoma break room.

1. Employees Value Quality

Your employees are your greatest asset. Show them how valuable they are by treating them to world-class coffee.

Gourmet coffee delivers quality in every cup. Specialty brews are bursting with rich flavors and aromas, transforming your office into a café. Plus, it shows your team you care. This small act goes a long way. When employees feel appreciated, they’ll perform at their best.

A Bellevue office pantry is another incredible employee perk. Treat employees to complimentary snacks and beverages. Vista Vending carries a wide range of office pantry items. For example, offer cereal or nuts in your break room. Employees love eating for free!

2. Single-Cup Brewers Make Things Easy

Want to enjoy specialty coffee without any hassle? Get a Seattle single-cup brewer! They make coffee by the pod, so every cup is fresh. Users can easily order coffee from the touchscreen and customize their drinks.

Vista Vending carries many delicious coffee pods. We have brews from big-name brands and lots of specialty roasts, so there is something for everyone!

3. Specialty Coffee Boosts the Break Room Experience

Seattle Office Snacks | Tacoma Kiosk Market | Bellevue Specialty Brewing Technology

Bland coffee is a bore. Shake things up with specialty roasts! Employees will always have something to look forward to. Fresh, flavorful coffee can make a morning magical, which improves the break room experience. As a result, you get better retention. Happy employees stay loyal to your company for longer.

Better break rooms also bring coworkers closer together. They’ll spend more time chatting over coffee. This fosters a sense of community.

4. Specialty Coffee Encourages More Breaks

Busy employees might forget to take breaks. This can lead to exhaustion and burnout. Mini breaks let workers step away from their desks so they can relax and unwind.

Encourage more mini breaks with specialty coffee. It cures that groggy feeling and gets your team moving to the break room. Employees can chat and recharge their minds. This drives productivity.

5. Specialty Coffee Pairs Well with Food Offerings

Looking for other ways to upgrade your break room? Ask Vista Vending about our modern Tacoma vending machines. Employees can buy healthy snacks 24/7. We also have fun snacks that pair well with specialty coffee, such as chocolate or pastries.

Another great option is a Bellevue micro market. These mini-stores are open around the clock. Employees can shop from a large selection of fresh foods. Buy salads, soups, or sandwiches. They can also purchase snacks and refreshing drinks. Additionally, our micro markets have self-checkout kiosks so there is no need to hire additional staff.

Upgrade Your Break Room with Specialty Coffee

Want better coffee and happier employees? Contact Vista Vending today! Our specialty coffees are top-notch. Employees will also love deeper roasts and robust flavors. Plus, we make it easy to add with single-cup brewers. We can even add other break room solutions, such as vending.

Call us today at 253.592.2843. We’re excited to hear from you!

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Water Enhancements that Keep Seattle Offices Hydrated

During a busy day, drinking enough water to stay hydrated can be tough. Enter water enhancements. These boosts of flavors can entice you to drink more water from your water cooler. Perfect for Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue office water service users. Plus, they enhance your well-being.

5 Simple Water Enhancements to Keep Your Workplace Energized and Productive

Check out five easy-to-get add-ins to enhance your drinking water. Delicious and low cost, they make staying hydrated a breeze.

1. Tangy Lemon Slices

There’s nothing quite like the zesty kick of fresh lemon to elevate your water. Lemon slices add a burst of citrusy flavor and vitamin C. This is good for your immune system.

Drop a few lemon slices into your reusable water bottle or cup it at your bottleless Aquaverse water dispenser. It’s a refreshing twist that will have you feeling invigorated.

2. Crisp Cucumber Wheels

For a fresh, tasty infusion, look no further than slices of cucumber. As mostly water, cucumbers are the ideal hydration boost. Plus, they add a subtle flavor to water great at quenching thirst.

Infused water goes perfectly with a delicious sandwich from your Seattle micro-market or a tasty snack from your Tacoma vending machine.

Seattle Healthy Options | Bellevue Break Room Solutions | Tacoma Water Enhancements

3. Mint Leafs

A few sprigs of mint transform plain water in seconds. Try spearmint or peppermint in a glass from your Tacoma water filtration system. The natural menthol has a sweet, cooling taste, which makes it great on a hot day.

Plus, mint has a soothing scent that can leave you with a relaxed feeling.

4. Fresh Orange Slices

Drink up some sweet and tangy goodness with fresh orange slices. They are packed with vitamin C and antioxidants. That makes them a nutritious choice for flavoring your water. Simply add a few slices to your glass and enjoy the burst of flavor. You’ll feel refreshed and replenished.

5. Unsweetened Pomegranate Juice

Try a splash of unsweetened pomegranate juice for a hint of sweetness without the added sugar. Pomegranates are rich in antioxidants. Plus, their unique flavor pairs well with plain water too. That’s why you need just a splash to reap the rewards.

No Pomegranate juice? Try another fruit juice from your Seattle beverage vending machine. Any 100% juice beverages can give your water a fruity kick.

Try Water Enhancements for a Lively Hydration Experience

Break room services like water filtration are a great perk. It’s easy to grab a glass of fresh-tasting water. Adding fruits, and herbs to water makes staying hydrated easy and fun. Plus, you will reap the health benefits of these infusions.

Contact Vista Vending at 253.592.2843 for water service, office coffee, and more break room solutions. Talk to us about premium break room solutions to enhance your workplace.

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Tempt Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue Employees Back into the Office with Better Break Room Solutions

According to Resume Builder, 90% of companies want employees to return to the office this year. Want to make the shift as smooth as possible? Upgrade your Seattle break room services. This can even get employees pumped about the return to the office.

Keep reading to learn three break room must-haves to wow Tacoma employees.

1. Keep Employees Fueled with Quality Coffee

Nothing beats fresh, delicious coffee. Give employees something to look forward to each morning with a deluxe Bellevue office coffee service. Upgrade your coffee bar with premium brews for every preference. Vista Vending makes this easy. We carry different roasts from many national brands and private labels. These are guaranteed to impress!

Or, consider getting a Seattle single-cup coffee brewer. Employees can customize their cups to their exact liking. Just pick your pod and make fresh coffee with the touch of a button. It’s the perfect Monday morning pick-me-up!

2. Show Your Appreciation with Free Snacks

Everyone loves free food. A Tacoma office pantry service lets you treat employees to complimentary snacks and drinks right on-site. Staff can grab tasty snacks whenever they want. Not only does this boost satisfaction, but free food is an employee retention magnet.

Double down and offer healthy options to promote workplace wellness. It also helps staff reach their health goals. And when employees feel their best, they’ll perform at their best.

Vista Vending will help you find the perfect products for your budget and team’s preferences. Offer nuts, cereal, bottled water, and more!

Seattle Employees Food | Tacoma Micro Market Service | Bellevue Vending Solutions

3. Offer More Lunch Options with a Bellevue Micro-Market

Free snacks might not be right for your workplace. But don’t worry! Vista Vending also specializes in Seattle micro-markets. These in-office mini-stores offer tons of options, including fresh meals and scrumptious snacks. Employees can browse the shelves, coolers, or racks for their favorites. They can even pick up products, inspect them, and read the labels. This helps employees make better-for-you choices.

Additionally, micro-markets can save Tacoma employees time and money. They don’t have to rush to the store and wait in long checkout lines to buy quality food. Micro-markets have self-checkout kiosks. These accept cards, cash, and mobile payments. Pick your products, swipe your card, and you’re all set!

Vista Vending offers rotating micro-market menus. This keeps the selection fresh and exciting. It also elevates the employee experience. They’ll love visiting the micro-market to see what new items are available.

Get Employees Excited About Their Return to the Office

Better Bellevue break room solutions make the return to the office fun and exciting. Employees will love the gourmet coffee and free healthy snacks. They’ll also enjoy shopping in your micro-market.

Want to boost your break room? We’ll help you choose products and solutions your staff will love.

Contact Vista Vending today at 253.592.2843. Ask us about our Seattle vending machines, office coffee, office pantry, and micro-market solutions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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5 Must-Have Products Our Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue Customers Can Order Online

At Vista Vending, we know convenience is a must when restocking the break room. That’s why we offer online ordering for our Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue customers. You can order dozens of top-notch items from your computer with a few clicks. Here are some of today’s favorites that you won’t want to miss.

1. Bubly Blackberry

Say hello to the refreshing taste of Bubly Blackberry. It’s no wonder this sparkling water is a must for our Seattle online ordering clients. With zero calories, no sugars, and no artificial flavors, it’s the perfect guilt-free refreshment.

We can also stock this beverage in our micro-markets and Tacoma vending machines.

2. Sun Chips Harvest Cheddar

When it comes to snack vending chips, Sun Chips Harvest Cheddar doesn’t disappoint. Made with whole grains, these crispy chips are bursting with cheddar flavor.

This snack is a great mid-afternoon pick-me-up or use it to beat hunger pangs in the early evening. Don’t forget to include it in your online order.

3. Starbucks Coffee Vanilla Frappuccino

Seattle Break Room Solutions | Bellevue Beverage Vending | Tacoma Online Order

Need a caffeine boost? Then order some Starbucks Coffee Vanilla Frappuccino. This drink starts with the well-known Starbucks coffee blended with creamy milk and sweet vanilla flavors for an indulgent drink. Grab this pre-made frap to start your day or perk up a slow afternoon.

4. Blue Bunny Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich

Even ice cream is available for online ordering from Vista Vending. Treat yourself to the classic Neapolitan flavors with this ice cream sandwich.

The Blue Bunny Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich features creamy vanilla, rich chocolate, and sweet strawberry ice cream. This nostalgic treat features two chocolate wafers that perfectly sandwich these creamy flavors.

Online Ordering Takes the Work Out of the Break Room

We make it simple for our customers to stock their Bellevue break rooms with tasty snacks, and refreshing beverages with our online ordering system. Simply order what you need and we’ll deliver your order to your office. It’s easy and efficient because you won’t need to place orders by calling, emailing, or texting our team.  Stock your break room with refreshments and office essentials with our intuitive online ordering system.

Reach us at 253.592.2843 to experience the convenience and quality of our online ordering system.

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Make Employees Feel Valued with Quality Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue Break Room Services

Employees must feel valued to thrive. Workplace appreciation boosts job satisfaction and retention. It also improves company culture.

So, how can you make your team feel valued? It’s as simple as upgrading your Seattle break room. Keep reading to learn more.

24/7 Access to On-Site Food and Beverages

As leaders in break room solutions, Vista Vending knows what employees crave. They want quick and easy access to delicious food and drinks. Luckily, our Tacoma vending machines provide the perfect solution.

Vending machines save employees time and money. They can avoid long checkout lines and drives. This gives staff more time to enjoy their relaxing breaks, a perk that makes them feel special. Adding healthy on-site foods also shows you care, specifically about employees’ well-being, a growing trend.

Vista Vending carries plenty of vending options. Get healthy snacks and thirst-quenching beverages. We also have candies and chips from big-name brands. Whatever your team desires, we have them covered!

More Options Make Employees Feel Valued

No two people are the same. Thus, employees have different food preferences. Thankfully, Bellevue micro-markets have options for everyone! These mini on-site stores have coolers, racks, and shelves. Therefore, there is enough room for fresh meals, snacks, and drinks. Employees can choose from an endless variety. For instance, they can buy salads, sandwiches, veggies, candy, and more.

Feeling thirsty? Grab a drink from the micro-market! You can get cold brew coffee, sports drinks, soda, and sparkling water.

Furthermore, micro-markets have self-checkout kiosks. This makes waiting in line a thing of the past. The kiosk accepts cash, cards, and mobile wallets. Just grab your food, scan your card or phone, and you’re good to go!

Turn the Office into a Café

Nothing is better than catching up with friends in a cute café over coffee. Vista Vending’s office coffee service brings coffeehouse vibes into the break room. How? We offer gourmet coffee from premium brands. We can even get fair-trade coffee from different regions of the world. Vista Vending offers coffee flavors for everyone!

Ask us about our Seattle single-cup brewers. These machines make coffee by the cup using pods. Thus, single-cup coffee always tastes fresh. It also provides more variety. Employees can pick their favorite flavor and make it their own.

Have non-coffee drinkers on your team? Don’t worry! Add hot tea to your coffee service. Vista Vending has many trendy tea options to choose from. For instance, we have green tea and herbal tea with superfoods. These promote workplace wellness. Some teas support heart health. They also lower stress. Thus, employees stay happy and healthy!

Seattle Micro-Market | Tacoma Office Coffee | Bellevue Employees Feel Valued

Create a Comfortable Space

Comfortable seating is a break room must-have. Make employees feel valued with an inviting break space. Add plush chairs and large tables. Employees can sit down and eat lunch together. This encourages collaboration.

Decorate the Tacoma break room with lush plants and beautiful décor. Choose blue, yellow, or green artwork. These colors make employees feel peaceful. Keep the blinds open to let sunlight shine in. Natural light improves your mood.

Lastly, offer fun games employees can play together. Set up a ping-pong table. Or, keep puzzles and board games on hand. These promote interaction, improving workplace relationships.

Vista Vending Makes Teams Feel Valued

As you can see, quality break room services make employees feel appreciated. They have access to delicious food. Additionally, employees can save money and time.

Vista Vending can help improve your Seattle break room and ensure employees feel you care. Contact us today at 253.592.2843 for more information.

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4 Spring Season Healthy Snacks Perfect for Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue Break Rooms

From tender greens to plump berries, the spring season offers loads of choices for healthy snacks. This is great news for employees who want to eat healthy. That commitment to health and wellness boosts morale around the office and also drives productivity.

Healthy Snacks Grown in the Northwest

Which spring fruit and veggies from the  Northwest would be great in the break room? Here are three healthy options from Vista Vending that you don’t want to miss.

1. Arugula

Arugula is a green that loves the cool, moist climate of the Pacific Northwest. While it looks like mini lettuce, don’t let it fool you. Its peppery taste lends a delicious zing to salads and sandwiches in our Seattle micro-markets.

Why is arugula a healthy snack? Because it is so nutrient-dense. According to Healthline, eating this green gives you calcium, potassium, folate, and vitamins C, K, and A. Plus, it’s low in sugar, calories, carbs, and fat, making it a great springtime snack!

2. Fava Beans

Also known as broad beans, the fava bean is a springtime favorite here in the Pacific Northwest. Large and meaty, this bean has a nutty flavor and creamy texture. That’s why you’ll find fava beans in salads, pasta dishes, soups, or even plain for snacking. Enjoy this nutritious bean as part of a Tacoma office pantry service that features fresh food.

No matter where you get your fava beans, know they are a delicious and protein-packed treat.

Seattle Break Room Options | Bellevue Micro-Markets | Tacoma Healthy Snacks

3. Blueberries

Spring is the start of peak season for one of our favorite fresh foods — blueberries. This is a signature crop of the Pacific Northwest, which is even better in season. Blueberries are bursting with flavor as well as antioxidants. WebMD reports that blueberries are one of the best natural sources of antioxidants with the highest levels of any common fruit or veggie.

Look for blueberries as part of a fruit snack in your Bellevue food vending machine. Stock blueberries in your fridge at home to enjoy when you’re craving something sweet.

4. Apples

Washington state is famous for its apples making them a great snack in your Seattle break room. Choose something sweet, like Honeycrisp. Or go for a tartness flavor with Granny Smith. No matter what your preference, you’ll find a wide variety of apples available. They are a great healthy snack on their own. Or add them to salads, desserts, or even savory dishes.

Put a Spring in Your Step with Healthy Snacks

The Pacific Northwest is perfect for springtime fruits and vegetables with its rich soil and mild climate. Whether you’re craving the zesty taste of arugula or the earthy flavor of fava beans, you’ll find plenty of options to enjoy. So, embrace the season and indulge in the delicious bounty that spring has to offer. You’ll be glad you did.

Looking for break room services that fit health and wellness goals? Vista Vending has snack vending, office pantry, and food services that fit the bill. Contact Vista Vending at 253.592.2843 to find out what snacks, meals, and drinks we have that will turn your break room into an enticing staff perk.

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Seattle, Tacoma & Bellevue Micro-Market Security Basics: How Vista Vending’s Systems Benefit You

Micro-market security is vital for your break room. It ensures the space is a powerful benefit for your employees. After all, to enjoy the break room, staff need to trust the food and service. That’s why Vista Vending takes our micro-market security seriously. Here’s a glimpse of what we do to keep your Seattle micro-markets safe. Plus, how it’s better for you.

Micro-Market Security Means Trust

Inside a micro-market, a kiosk keeps a real-time log of what is bought. This helps us restock your Tacoma micro-market in a timely manner. Staff can trust food will be there. They will always have access to snacks that are great along with that mug of office coffee. Or a healthy side for lunch.

Micro-markets are open, unlike Bellevue vending machines. This means special security is needed for food safety. Cameras inside the micro-market monitor the area 24/7. One of the angles shows the food cooler at all times. That prevents tampering with food.

Cameras inside the micro-market also monitor the area 24/7. One of the angles shows the food cooler at all times. That prevents tampering with food.

Micro-Market Security Keeps Prices Low

It’s our goal to provide great food, snacks, and beverages at a great value. One way we do that is to keep an eye on the micro-market. Cameras keep surveillance 24/7 so we can ensure everyone is safe and understands how the market works. This avoids the need to raise prices due to losses.

Seattle Vending Service | Tacoma Micro-Market Healthy Options | Bellevue Break Room Security

The kiosk’s product inventory also helps us tailor the micro-market’s product mix to your employees. This means there is less product thrown away and instead more of what staff want to eat. This boosts employee satisfaction and helps maintain the best price too.

Systems Protect User Data

The kiosk benefits micro-market security in another way. It uses the latest vending technology. That means it takes payment types such as credit cards and mobile wallets. But it is also secure. From the outside, it’s locked. There are no ports to steal user information. It also connects on the back end to the latest electronic payment security. This keeps online payments safe.

The cameras again monitor the micro-market and kiosk to ensure no one can tamper with the payment system. This gives everyone in your office peace of mind.

Switch to Better Micro-Market Security Today

Vista Vending doesn’t just install micro-markets. We transform break rooms. That means keeping the food your staff trusts safe and stocked. It also means protecting their data. That’s why we focus on security for our Seattle micro-markets.

Contact Vista Vending at 253.592.2843 to learn more about safe break rooms. Or find out about vending machines and other break room services that can boost your employee satisfaction. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Snacks Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue Employees Love

This month we are celebrating snacks! These satisfying and delicious treats are being celebrated throughout February as it marks the official National Snack Food Month.

To honor the joy of snacking, we’ve created a list every Seattle break room needs. These are the most popular snack options among staff and customers.

4 Snacks Every Break Room Needs

1. Pretzels

Pretzels are a classic favorite among Seattle snack vending customers. Portable and tasty, these crunchy morsels are ideal for busy workers. Dip them in peanut butter or hummus for an extra flavor boost.

2. Veggie Snacks

Seattle Micro-Markets | Bellevue Healthy Snacks | Tacoma Office Pantry Service

For the health and wellness-focused snackers, there’s nothing better than veggies. Endless choices are available with Tacoma micro-markets including fresh food. Consider adding them to your Seattle office pantry service. After all, veggie snacks are guilt-free and nutritious – perfect for any time of day and work style.

3. Trail Mix

Trail mix isn’t just for outdoor adventures in the Pacific Northwest. It’s a popular snack in Bellevue break rooms as well. The combination of savory nuts, sweet dried fruit, and a touch of chocolate make it an irresistible snack. Buy some trail mix from the Tacoma vending machine to keep in your desk drawer to beat those afternoon cravings.

4. Chips

No snack list is complete without the crunchy goodness of chips. We offer many options in our Bellevue snack vending machines and Seattle micro-markets. Enjoy the timeless option of classic potato or tortilla chips. Or explore something more exotic, such as the Terra Vegetable Chips, made with cleaner ingredients to support eating healthy.

Show Snacks Some Love This Month

February isn’t just a month of love, it’s a month of snacking. Whether you’re a fan of pretzels, trail mix, or enjoy veggies and chips, Vista Vending has a snack for every taste preference.

Contact us for Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue snack vending or any break room services you might need. Vista Vending has experience in micro-markets, office pantry, and more to transform your break room. Reach Vista Vending at 253.592.2843. We look forward to hearing from you.