Expert vending service SEATTLE, TACOMA & Puget Sound businesses can depend on

Pay by phone

Vending machines updated to accept a variety of mobile wallets and payment apps.

Pay by card

Technology enhanced equipment that accepts cash, but also any major credit or debit card.

Branded products

Filled with a variety of snacks, food, and drink options from national brands and local favorites.

Unique programs

Vending machine service crafted for each Seattle, Tacoma, or Puget Sound business as a custom solution.

A coffee vending machine revolution

The Rubi can’t really be called a coffee vending machine. It’s a micro cafe that delivers freshly prepared coffee with all the style and personalization offered in a coffee house or workplace cafe. Employees and customers will love being able to get the hot drinks they want without leaving your Seattle, Tacoma, or Puget Sound facility. It saves time and turns the break room into a benefit. This machine is the same one national retailers are using to drive up retention and productivity, including Walmart, Costco, and Winco. Have users buy the coffee, or use the Rubi in company subsidized vending/pantry service to really add value.

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Transform the break room into a benefit

Expert vending service can enhance the corporate environment, decreasing turnover and driving up employee happiness.

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