vending machines and water filtration service in KirklandKirkland Vending Machine Solutions

Kirkland employees need fuel to get through the day efficiently and most effectively. Give it to them with a vending machine service from Vista Vending. We’re dedicated to providing the best snacks, sodas and food items vended by the latest in vending technologies at your Kirkland location. Our vending machines include snack vending machines, food vending machines, beverage vending machines (Coke and Pepsi) and coffee vending machines. And the technologies found within are the latest in the industry, such as remote inventory monitoring, which allows us to see your inventory in real time and restock accordingly.

Kirkland – Get Your Office Coffee and Water Filtration Here

Get a jump on the day with an office coffee program from Vista Vending. We offer Kirkland offices everything from more traditional by-the-pot brewers to single-cup brewing machines. But there is nothing traditional about the technologies within. Our coffee machines allow for multiple parameter adjustments so each person can cater their brew how they like. We offer many types of coffees, teas and other hot beverages to satisfy any drinker. Furthermore, we provide the other items needed for a coffee service, like stir sticks, cups, napkins, filters, creamers and sweeteners. Just let us know and we’ll take your Kirkland break room supply responsibilities off your shoulders.

Poor quality office water requires a water delivery service, right? Wrong. Vista Vending has a better solution with its water filtration services for your Kirkland break room. These water filters (available in counter top and floor standing units) can simply connect to your water supply and purify it as it’s dispensed. No need to wait. Just turn a spigot and better quality water is there – hot or cold.

office coffee and micro markets in KirklandGiving Kirkland the Micro-Markets of Their Dreams

Always dreamed of having a small convenience store right within the walls of your Kirkland office? No need to dream…make it a reality with a Micro-Market from Vista Vending. We take a portion of your Kirkland office and turn it into a self-sufficient convenience store, complete with attractive racks and coolers, stocked with a huge variety of all the snacks, foods and beverages you can imagine. Integrated self-checkout kiosks are the hub of the stores, allowing customers to handle transactions themselves. Also, because they are internet connected, we can see your inventory in real time…and are able to keep the store stocked with everything you need.

Learn more about how we can serve your Kirkland location by calling Vista Vending at 253-592-2843 or send e-mailing