vending machines and water filtration service in Mill CreekMorale Boosting Vending Machines For Mill Creek

Vista Vending doesn’t just provide Mill Creek vending machines. We also thoughtfully choose vending snacks, beverages, and even food items that satisfy hunger and thirst. In other words, we stop Mill Creek from getting hangry! All of our Mill Creek vending machines have a mix of treats and healthy items so employees and customers always have a choice. Purchasing from the Mill Creek vending machines is easy with advanced payment systems that accept debit/credit cards as well as mobile payments. Sensors inside the machine “see” the product dispense, and if not, trigger an instant refund, eliminating lost money and hassles to the Mill Creek facility manager.

Mill Creek’s Leading Office Coffee & Water Service Provider

Nothing motivates quite like Mill Creek office coffee and tea right in the break room. That’s why Vista Vending offers dozens of ways to bring office coffee and tea to the employees and customers of your Mill Creek location, including traditional coffee brewers and single cup machines. Within the single cup style coffee equipment, there are multiple brewer types. Mill Creek businesses trying to stand out might opt for a bean to cup brewer that grinds whole beans for espresso coffee and coffee-based specialty drinks. This lets you create a coffee house experience inside your Mill Creek break room. Or, Mill Creek business might prefer a capsule-based single cup coffee brewer that allows for a greater variety of coffee types to be brewed in one break room.

No matter the office coffee type your Mill Creek office uses, there’s a way to make it better - water filtration. We offer a premium water filtration system to Mill Creek customers that attaches directly to your water line. The filter removes elements in the Mill Creek water that affect taste, such as chemicals used in sanitation and particles from water pipes. Water filtration can be a great way to deliver better tasting water to Mill Creek employees and customers, to encourage hydration, and improve the taste of your existing office coffee and tea.

office coffee and micro markets in Mill CreekTransformative Micro-Market Service For Mill Creek Offices

For Mill Creek businesses looking for break room solutions beyond vending, Vista Vending offers open concept micro-markets. With one of our Mill Creek micro-markets, the break room becomes a mini store open to employees all day, everyday. What better way to meet the need for work-life balance at your Mill Creek location? The micro-market checkout kiosk offers multiple ways for Mill Creek employees to make a purchase, including using a micro-market account. This has the added benefit of loyalty rewards and future discounts for items Mill Creek employees already buy in the break room.

Enjoy break room refreshment again. Contact Vista Vending at 253.592.2843 or