vending machines and office coffee service in ShorelineThe Vending Machines That Shoreline Needs

When looking for vending machines to add to your Shoreline office, you want the right types of vending machines and a huge selection of products. That’s exactly what Vista Vending provides. We have all the types of vending machines imaginable, such as snack vending machines, Coca-Cola vending machines, Pepsi vending machines, coffee vending machines and cold food vending machines. We even offer healthy food vending machines for your more health-conscious employees. All our vending machines for your Shoreline location exhibit state-of-the-art technologies. This includes remote inventory monitoring. This means the vending machines are internet connected, which allows us to track inventory in real time. That way we always know what’s in your vending machines before leaving our facilities for restocking, meaning we can be more efficient, and you can enjoy less out of stock situations.

Serving Office Coffee and Water Filtration in Shoreline

Your employees would love their very own barista in your Shoreline facility, but the next best thing is an office coffee service from Vista Vending. We start by helping you select the right brewer or brewers for your unique Shoreline operation. This includes everything from single-cup brewers to larger volume by-the-pot machines – and all feature the latest in brewing/convenience technologies. Our selection of coffees, teas and other hot beverages offers something to please every employee. We will regularly restock your drink supply, and when we do, we’re also willing to stock other break room needs like stir sticks, cups, plates, creamers and more. We’re happy to take this chore off your hands.

Water quality is important, but seemingly a challenge for every shoreline office. Rather than looking into a water delivery service, save time and hassle by going with a water filtration service. Our water filters are available in multiple sizes to fit your available space. Just connect to your water supply and better tasting water is available right from the tap.

vending service and micro-markets in ShorelineYour Shoreline Micro-Markets Provider

Provide a unique treat for your Shoreline employees by installing a Micro-Market. Think of it like a corner store – except rather than down the street, it’s right in your Shoreline break room. We utilize a series of racks, displays and coolers to assemble an attractive open floorplan store. Then we stock the store with your selection of hundreds of snacks, soft drinks, juices and entrée items. Not only Is the selection of products more appealing, but these stores are more convenient. Self-checkout kiosks are integrated into the Micro-Markets letting each employee handle transactions at their leisure. And since these kiosks are internet connected, we can remotely monitor your inventory to keep the store full. With a security camera system, stores can remain open at all hours of the day, every day.

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