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4 Tips to Elevate Your Seattle, Tacoma, Puget Sound Coffee and Tea Service!

An office coffee and tea service is a must-have in every break room. Flavorful and aromatic, tea calms the body and quiets the mind. In fact, employees that sip on tea feel relaxed, soothed, and satisfied!

Do you want to bring all of the benefits of a tea service to your Seattle, Tacoma, Puget Sound break room? Consider hosting a weekly teatime for your team! For example, you can organize a “tea and talk” session every Friday during lunch. This can help promote employee engagement and strengthen your workplace culture. Moreover, it will give your staff a chance to recharge.
Before you pull out the cups and kettle, here are five tips to consider to make the most of your Seattle, Tacoma, Puget Sound coffee and tea service.

1. Eat Before You Drink

Ensure everyone’s belly is full of food before drinking tea. Equally important, make sure your team loads up on tasty treats from your Seattle, Tacoma, Puget Sound vending machine first! Drinking tea on an empty stomach can cause tummy troubles. Not to mention, a tempting cookie or coffee cake pairs perfectly with a warm cup of tea.

2. Let It Cool

Be sure to let the tea cool for a bit before sipping it. Any scolding hot drink can irritate your mouth. Equally important, tea is most enjoyable when it’s lukewarm. Everyone at your tea party can enjoy chatting while their tea cools. Furthermore, they can grab their favorite snack from your Seattle, Tacoma, Puget Sound micro-market to enjoy when it’s ready to drink. This way, everyone can enjoy their tea with a tempting treat!

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3. Know What Tea Works Best for You

Did you know that different types of teas are best enjoyed at specific times of the day? That’s right! For instance, English blends are the perfect way to start your day. In contrast, mellow green teas make a wonderful afternoon delight.
Depending upon what time your tea party is, stock up on different tea selections. This way, your entire team can benefit!

4. Include Filtered Water in Your Tea Service

To fully enjoy all the rich flavors and aromas of your tea, make sure you make it with filtered water. If you have a Seattle, Tacoma, Puget Sound water filtration service in your break room, this is super simple to do! In fact, all you have to do is fill your cup up and add your favorite tea bag!

Enjoy the Benefits of a Tea Service in Your Seattle, Tacoma, Puget Sound Break Room

Ready to add some new Seattle, Tacoma, Puget Sound refreshment solutions to your break room? We can help! Our team has been providing fantastic break room solutions to our clients for years. Best of all, we can help you find services that fit your exact needs! To learn more, call us today at 253.592.2843 or visit Vista Vending.

Mobile pay apps Seattle Tacoma Puget Sound

How Apps Offer Convenience in Seattle Tacoma Puget Sound Break Rooms

Short for software application, the app is a wonderful tool that saves time and money. In your Seattle, Tacoma, and Puget Sound break room, there are lots of ways to utilize apps. With December 11 being National App Day, we thought it would be appropriate to talk about how break room apps and what makes them so special.  

Mobile wallet apps

In Seattle, Tacoma, and Puget Sound, our vending machines are upgraded to accept cashless payment, including mobile payment apps. Common wallets, such as Apple and Google, offer inherit benefits. For one thing, they can reduce fraud. When using a mobile wallet, your credit card number isn’t transmitted while making a payment, so no one can steal the numbers. Using a mobile payment app can also optimize your rewards. Load money with your rewards credit card and benefit from every purchase you make from a Seattle, Tacoma, and Puget Sound vending machine. Grab the vending food or drink you most want, and scan your mobile payment app for a secure, beneficial experience. 

App vending technology Seattle Tacoma Puget Sound

Mobile-enabled service schedules

Because we enable mobile payments at your Seattle, Tacoma, and Puget Sound vending machines, you get another benefit — optimal service via vending technology. This vending technology plugs into the same cellular network that enables cashless payment at our Seattle, Tacoma, and Puget Sound vending machines. The vending technology automatically sends updates to our headquarters. We can then pre-kit exactly the items your route driver needs to bring to your Seattle, Tacoma, and Puget Sound vending machine to restock it. No wasted trips or return trips for missing products. You benefit, all because the vending machine is app enabled. 

App enabled micro-markets

If your Seattle, Tacoma, and Puget Sound break room has a micro-market you can use mobile pay there as well. A micro-market already allows Seattle, Tacoma, and Puget Sound employees a great benefit with its self-checkout kiosk and greater variety of product offerings, including healthy snacks and drinks. Seattle, Tacoma, and Puget Sound employees can make a purchase anytime, especially because all the Vista Vending micro-markets accept mobile payment. Take full advantage of this amazing Seattle, Tacoma, and Puget Sound break room addition. Go mobile at the micro-market!  
Apps can assist nearly everyone in Seattle, Tacoma, and Puget Sound. Use yours at a Vista Vending vending machine or micro-market kiosk today! Don’t have the latest app-enabled break room services, then we can help. Contact us at (253) 592-2843.