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Water Enhancements that Keep Seattle Offices Hydrated

During a busy day, drinking enough water to stay hydrated can be tough. Enter water enhancements. These boosts of flavors can entice you to drink more water from your water cooler. Perfect for Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue office water service users. Plus, they enhance your well-being.

5 Simple Water Enhancements to Keep Your Workplace Energized and Productive

Check out five easy-to-get add-ins to enhance your drinking water. Delicious and low cost, they make staying hydrated a breeze.

1. Tangy Lemon Slices

There’s nothing quite like the zesty kick of fresh lemon to elevate your water. Lemon slices add a burst of citrusy flavor and vitamin C. This is good for your immune system.

Drop a few lemon slices into your reusable water bottle or cup it at your bottleless Aquaverse water dispenser. It’s a refreshing twist that will have you feeling invigorated.

2. Crisp Cucumber Wheels

For a fresh, tasty infusion, look no further than slices of cucumber. As mostly water, cucumbers are the ideal hydration boost. Plus, they add a subtle flavor to water great at quenching thirst.

Infused water goes perfectly with a delicious sandwich from your Seattle micro-market or a tasty snack from your Tacoma vending machine.

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3. Mint Leafs

A few sprigs of mint transform plain water in seconds. Try spearmint or peppermint in a glass from your Tacoma water filtration system. The natural menthol has a sweet, cooling taste, which makes it great on a hot day.

Plus, mint has a soothing scent that can leave you with a relaxed feeling.

4. Fresh Orange Slices

Drink up some sweet and tangy goodness with fresh orange slices. They are packed with vitamin C and antioxidants. That makes them a nutritious choice for flavoring your water. Simply add a few slices to your glass and enjoy the burst of flavor. You’ll feel refreshed and replenished.

5. Unsweetened Pomegranate Juice

Try a splash of unsweetened pomegranate juice for a hint of sweetness without the added sugar. Pomegranates are rich in antioxidants. Plus, their unique flavor pairs well with plain water too. That’s why you need just a splash to reap the rewards.

No Pomegranate juice? Try another fruit juice from your Seattle beverage vending machine. Any 100% juice beverages can give your water a fruity kick.

Try Water Enhancements for a Lively Hydration Experience

Break room services like water filtration are a great perk. It’s easy to grab a glass of fresh-tasting water. Adding fruits, and herbs to water makes staying hydrated easy and fun. Plus, you will reap the health benefits of these infusions.

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