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4 Ways to Treat Seattle, Tacoma, and Auburn Employees to a Breakation

This summer, delight Seattle, Tacoma, and Auburn employees with a breakation. What’s a breakation? Think summer vacation meets break time. Breakations are great opportunities to relax and recharge that you can bring to the workplace. Offer your team a break room escape. This prevents burnout and also boosts productivity. Thus, employees feel great. And your business benefits too!

What goes into a breakation? Begin by creating an employee haven with quality Seattle, Tacoma, and Auburn break room services. Here’s how.

1. Music Sets the Perfect Tone

Silence may be golden in movie theaters, but it’s a different story in offices. Music motivates employees. Plus, it boosts staff satisfaction. That’s because it lifts your mood. It also drowns out distractions.

Play lo-fi beats in your Seattle, Tacoma, and Auburn break room. Or, try classical music. This creates a relaxing space. It also improves your Seattle, Tacoma, and Auburn office coffee service. Employees can chill out as they sip their coffee-based drinks.

Want something different? Try coffee shop sounds. This makes employees feel like they’re in a café. Get a bean-to-cup brewer that grinds fresh coffee beans to complete the coffee shop vibe.

2. Refreshing Breakation Foods

What’s one of the best things about vacations? Food, of course! That’s why our Seattle, Tacoma, and Auburn micro-markets offer tons of choices in your break room. For instance, get healthy snacks, fresh foods, sweet treats, protein meal replacements, all-natural options, crunchy sides, etc. The options are nearly endless! Employees will feel like they’re in their favorite restaurant.

Vista Vending offers rotating menus. This keeps things fresh. We even take special requests. Everybody can enjoy delicious meals, regardless of their dietary needs. Additionally, employees can pay their way. The self-check kiosk takes cash and credit. Or, even mobile wallets.

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3. Trendy Cold Beverages

Everyone loves to enjoy cold beverages on their vacations. What’s better than a refreshing, fruity drink? Our Seattle, Tacoma, and Auburn vending machine service brings vacation vibes into break rooms. Employees can enjoy trendy beverages during work. For instance, fruit-flavored sparkling water or smooth bottled cold brew.

Furthermore, Vista Vending has healthy options. We carry vitamin water and energy drinks. This supports workplace wellness. Therefore, employees feel their best.

4. Games and Entertainment

All fun vacations have games! Make this a reality in the break room. Put out board games so coworkers can challenge one another during breaks. Offer puzzles to be put together a few pieces at a time as staff comes in for coffee or water. This promotes collaboration. It also boosts morale and productivity. Employees that play together work better together!

Another fun option is to put your vending machines on free vend mode or bring in some bulk goodies. This way, employees can enjoy some summer refreshments. They’ll feel appreciated and know you care. Ask us about turning your Seattle, Tacoma, and Auburn vending machines on free and our deals on ordering bulk products, such as bottled water, to be delivered. We make it affordable and easy.

Vista Vending Is Where Your Breakation Happens

Treat your team to a breakation this summer or any time of the year. Vista Vending is here to help. We offer quality break room services. Employees can enjoy healthy, delicious foods. They’ll also love our trendy drinks! Our services can increase employee satisfaction. Thus, retention rates may rise.

Want to learn more? If so, contact Vista Vending today by calling 253.592.2843. We offer vending, micro-market, office coffee, and pantry solutions. We’re excited to hear from you!

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Vista Vending’s New System Simplifies Online Ordering

Vista Vending proudly offers quality break room services. We also want to make it easy for our clients to order products. Thus, we’ve launched a new online ordering system. Our new ordering system makes ordering refreshments a breeze!

Our new platform helps the businesses, schools, and hotels we serve quickly restock break rooms, school stores, and hotel panties.

Keep reading to learn how our new online ordering system delivers a better experience.

Out with the Old, in with the New!

Our new platform is more user-friendly. It’s also easy to navigate. Users don’t have to click through different pages. Instead, view all products on one page. Therefore, you can order products faster.

You can use the search bar to find the items you need. You can also shop by category. For instance, shop for cold beverages or snacks. Or, shop by product type. You can see images of the items. Get a “quick view” before buying. Thus, you can find the best products for your Seattle, Tacoma, and Puget Sound break room easily and efficiently.

Buy Products for the Hotel Pantry, School Store, or Office Break Room

Order items online for your Seattle, Tacoma, and Puget Sound hotel pantry. We carry many pantry products. For example, shop for snacks or beverages. You can also buy toothpaste and lotion. We’ll deliver them right to your door for free for orders over $200! This can save you time and money.

Seattle Hotel Pantry | Ordering Online | Refreshment Services

You can also shop for break room supplies. Get coffee, snacks, and more! Order everything you need online!

Online Ordering for Hotel Pantries

Hotel managers are busy. They may not have the time to purchase products for the hotel pantry.  Our new online ordering system allows you to order everything you need in one place. Keep the hotel pantry fully stocked and ready for guests. They will love the convenience of being able to buy their favorite snacks, drinks, and toiletries without having to leave the hotel. This boosts customer satisfaction!

Keep Your School Stocked

Our new system is also great for schools! Kids are always hungry. Stock up on snacks to keep students feeling full. As a result, they’ll be more productive and ace their next test!

Snacks are game-day must-haves. Stock the school store using our online ordering system.  Everyone can enjoy their favorite treats throughout the game.

Online Ordering Made Easy

The backend technology of our new online ordering system makes it easy to use. Plus, it’s very convenient because you won’t need to run to a nearby store everytime you run low on products. We designed this system with our customers in mind. Order what you need quickly and efficiently and we’ll do the rest.

Looking for refreshment solutions? Vista Vending is happy to help! Contact us today at 253.592.2843. Or email us at We’ll keep your school, office, and hotel stocked!